Welcome, and thank you for taking some time to view the progress of our land drive and renovation project.
In 2015, the Lord put it on our hearts to renovate our building debt-free, that we might be able to better serve our community. Since then, like the Israelites in the day of Ezra, we have been hard at work: drawing blueprints with the architect; securing a like-minded general contractor; procuring permits from the city of Chicago; finding a temporary base of operations into which to move; demolishing the old building and beginning to build anew; planning events and fundraisers; and the many more steps needed to construct a new building.
Our testimony is that God has provided everything that we have needed! At every step, He has supplied the funds, the connections, the favor—whatever was required. Even when progress seemed stagnant or blocked, we see now that God was using that time to direct us to the resources He had already prepared for us.
The new building will provide much-needed spaces for teaching and training, giving us areas to live out true Matthew 28:19 discipleship.
We are grateful for your generosity towards this mission. Know that every prayer has helped, and that every penny has been put to good use. Feel free to scroll through to see the phases through which God has brought us, and the ones still in progress. Also, consider donating using the button below.  Thank you for your support as we continue to build debt-free!

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Walls Phase: In Progress
All glory be to God—we are now in the process of building the outside walls of our new building! Now that the foundation has been set, we can build up. Such a prominent feature serves as a reminder both to us and to our community: we are still here, and we’ll be back soon! Thank you for your support as we continue to build debt-free. Feel free to donate to help us continue this work!
Sewer/Pipes Phase: In Progress
We are currently working on laying the groundwork for our pipes and drainage systems. As soon as the temperature rises above freezing, we will be able to continue work on the building. This phase was made possible largely due to your generosity at the end of 2017. We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support as we build debt-free!
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As we learn from Matthew 7:24-27, anything successful must have a secure foundation. In this phase, God blessed us to set a new foundation, upon which we can build the rest of our building. Glory to God; our foundation, which cost over $100,000, has been completed, paid for in full! Thank you for your support as Christian Heritage continues to build debt free!
Demolition Phase: COMPLETED
Thanks be to God for the completion of the demolition of our building! In order to build up, we first needed to demolish our building. Don’t worry; Christian Heritage is alive and working, and we will be back soon. We are currently meeting at 806 E 64th Street, Chicago, Illinois.
This phase was made possible largely due to the success of our 2016 end-of-year GoFundMe campaign. Thank you for your support!